2016 TAP Symposium

The 2016 TAP Symposium, held on the 9th of November, brought together artist teachers from Melbourne and Perth to discuss their practice based methodologies underpinning their identities as artist, teacher and artist teacher.  Do these roles overlap? Is the actual day to day work of each very different? The context, audience and purpose dramatically shifts away from you, to your artist students and to other artists in each role. How do we live and work in this entangled and often liminal space?

Below you will find presentations from the symposium.

Jon Cattapan: An Autobiographical Journey

Lisa Radford: A proposal with a past, a syllabus in reverse

Luke Sinclair: Dear You

Alice Fennessy: Space and practice
How does the practice of teaching shift when it moves outside the classroom? And how does this shift impact upon the arts practice of the teacher?

Wes Imms: Moving TAP forward as a community practice and research project